Oskar Fried: Mahler’s disciple

Oskar Fried began conducting at Mahler's urging. The survival of an unknown live Mahler recording offers unique evidence of their historic link. Included with Fried's finest discs is a 1937 Moscow broadcast of a Mozart symphony, made in the last year of his career. Liner notes contain Fried's writings and interviews.

  • Contains rare discovery of a live Mahler performance. In 2014 this CD was remastered for downloading with an additional bonus track..

Irén Marik: From Mozart to Messiaen

"A stunning performance, like being submerged in a bath of beauty." – André Marchal, on Marik & Ranck performing Messiaen. Our third and final volume of Marik's art comprises essential works in her repertoire. Liner notes include a rare interview.

  • 2 cd set: Iren Marik, piano with John Ranck (in Messiaen)

Eugen d’ Albert: The Centaur Pianist

The Centaur Pianist: complete studio recordings 1910-1928

  • 2 cd set: first complete publication. In 2014 this CD was remastered for downloading along with an additional bonus track to contain all extant recordings of the pianist.
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