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Bali 1928: Gamelan Gong Kebyar

1928 recordings of Gong Kebyar by gamelan of Belaluan (Denpasar), Pangkung (Tabanan) and Busungbiu (Northwest Bali)

  • Expanded CD format also contains PDF text by Edward Herbst and MPEG-4 silent videos from the 1930s.
  • Released Feb 2, 2010
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Track List

Oldest recording of the newest Balinese music! Some originals exist in one known copy. Remastered with Sonic Depth Technology to expose all instrumental layers and details. Edward Herbst's lengthy PDF text, glossary, and CD notes analyzes historic performance practices and musical styles. tracks 1-10 Gong Belaluan tracks 11-15 Gong Pangkung tracks 16-20 Gong Busungbiu  

  1. Kebyar Ding Part I: Kebyar
  2. Kebyar Ding Part II: Surapati
  3. Kebyar Ding Part III: Oncang-Oncangan
  4. Kebyar Ding Part IV: Batél
  5. Kebyar Ding Part V: Pangrangrangan
  6. Kebyar Ding Part VI: Pungawak And Pangécét
  7. Curik Ngaras
  8. Kembang Lengkuas
  9. Tabuh Telu
  10. Buaya Mangap
  11. Gending Sesulingan
  12. Gending Longgor Part I
  13. Gending Longgor Part II
  14. Gending Longgor Part III
  15. Gending Longgor Part I V
  16. Tabuh Légod Bawa
  17. Tabug Cacelantungan
  18. Kebyar
  19. Tabuh Panyelah
  20. Tabuh Gari

Photo archive of musicians and dancers in Bali during the 1930s.

Our additional silent films made in Bali, on YouTube: