Arbiter Records Arbiter 166

Debussy’s Traces

  • 2 cd set with many first publications. Arbiter has uncovered unknown performances by musicians who reached Debussy's inner life moreso than those accepted as his emblematic interpreters. Marius-François Gaillard played Debussy's piano music from memory, starting in 1920 when he was twenty, receiving praise from Mme. Debussy. Each work explores an enigma that reveals itself through its individuality. Horszowski heard the composer play and brings his experience into pieces that he performed for over eighty years. Marik played the composer during her entire life and had been close to Bartók, who often performed Debussy's music. Fourneau, a lost master, takes a late work to an unprecedented height. Our restorations of Debussy himself at the piano with Mary Garden capture 1904 sounds that have finally become audible. Gailliard's Debussy recordings include early works, Suite Bergamasque, Pour le Piano, Estampes, nine Préludes, and others. Marik plays two Préludes and En Blanc et Noir. Horszowski is heard in Children's Corner Suite and Fourneau in a late Étude. Most of the recordings are published for the first time and Gaillard's Debussy receives its first restoration from original shellac discs. An extensive 1910 interview is included in the notes and more material will be added to a Debussy section hosted on our website:
  • Released Jun 9, 2018
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Disc 1: Debussy's Traces: Marius-François Gaillard, recorded in Paris, 1928-1930

Compositions by Claude Debussy with many first recordings of his works by Marius-François Gaillard. Gaillard plays Debussy's Arabesque no. 2  

  1. Valse Romantique 3:30
  2. Arabesque no. 1 3:00
  3. Arabesque no. 2 2:34
  4. Ballade 5:20
  5. Mazurka 2:52
  6. Suite Bergamasque: Prélude 3:31
  7. Suite Bergamasque: Menuet 4:53
  8. Suite Bergamasque: Clair de lune 4:07
  9. Pour le Piano: Prélude 3:47
  10. Pour le Piano: Sarabande 5:08
  11. Pour le Piano: Toccata 3:53
  12. Masques 5:15
  13. Estampes: Pagodes 3:49
  14. Estampes: La soirée dans Grenade 3:53
  15. Estampes: Jardins sous la pluie 3:27
  16. Images, Book I: Reflets dans l’eau 4:01
  17. Rêverie 3:45
  18. La plus que lent 3:54
  19. Preludes, Book I: Danseuses de Delphes 2:50
  20. Preludes, Book I: La Fille aux cheveux de lin 2:24
  21. Preludes, Book I: La Sérénade interrompue 2:27

Disc 2: Debussy's Traces

tracks 1-8: Marius-François Gaillard tracks 9-10: Irén Marik tracks 11-16: Mieczysław Horszowski tracks 17-20: Mary Garden, Claude Debussy tracks 21-23: Irén Marik, John Ranck track 24: Marie-Thérèse Fourneau

  1. Préludes, Book I: La Cathédrale engloutie 4:55
  2. Préludes, Book I: Minstrels 1:57
  3. Préludes, Book II: La puerta del Vino 3:10
  4. Préludes, Book II: Général Lavine 2:13
  5. Préludes, Book II: Ondine 3:03
  6. Préludes, Book II Hommage à S. Pickwick, Esq. 2:39
  7. Estampes: Pagodes 3:56
  8. Estampes: La soirée dans Grenade 4:49
  9. Préludes, Book I: Des pas sur la neige 3:10
  10. Préludes, Book II: Les fées sont d’exquises danseuses 3:03
  11. Childrens Corner Suite: Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum 2:48
  12. Childrens Corner Suite: Jimbo’s lullaby 3:16
  13. Childrens Corner Suite: Serenade of the Doll 2:52
  14. Childrens Corner Suite: The snow is dancing 3:01
  15. Childrens Corner Suite: The little Shepherd 2:16
  16. Childrens Corner Suite: Golliwog’s Cake walk 3:07
  17. Ariettes oubliées: Il pleure dans mon coeur 2:05
  18. Ariettes oubliées: L’ombre des arbres 2:25
  19. Ariettes oubliées: Aquarelles-Green 1:33
  20. Pelleas et Melisande: Mes longs cheveaux 1:42
  21. En blanc et noir: Avec emportement. 4:18
  22. En blanc et noir: Lent. Sombre. 6:31
  23. En blanc et noir: Scherzando 4:12
  24. Étude X: Pour les sonorités opposées 4:52