Arbiter Records 140

Legendary Conductors: Strauss • Weingartner • Fried

  • First restoration of Oskar Fried's 1924 recording of Beethoven's Eroica
  • Released Feb 4, 2004
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Track List

Richard Strauss: Don Juan, conducted by the composer with the Berlin State Opera Orchestra in 1928 Tchaikovsky and Wagner conducted by Felix von Weingartner and the Columbia Symphony in 1914 Beethoven: King Stephan Overture (1925) and Symphony no. 3 "Eroica" (1924) conducted by Oskar Fried and the Berlin State Opera Orchestra Startling orchestral performances are given by composer-conductors who brought insight into all the works they performed and created. New restoration makes audible the once compressed acoustic capture of the symphony. In 2014 this CD was remastered for downloading that contains an additional bonus track.

  1. Richard Strauss Don Juan
  2. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6: I: bars 89-160
  3. Wagner Magic Fire Spell
  4. Beethoven King Stephan Overture
  5. Beethoven Symphony no. 3 "Eroica": I
  6. Beethoven Symphony no. 3 "Eroica": II
  7. Beethoven Symphony no. 3 "Eroica": III
  8. Beethoven Symphony no. 3 "Eroica": IV
  9. bonus download track: Mozart Magic Flute Overture (Strauss & Berlin Staatsoper Orch.)

As restoration technology has advanced, the problematic area of acoustic orchestral recordings now reveals greater clarity, exposing their altered instrumentation, its proportions shifted by engineers who attempted to capture some semblance of the work via a recording horn. Richard Strauss’ early microphone-recorded performance of his Don Juan is an exception to these earlier documents: we have included it to illustrate the wealth of details captured on early ‘electrical’ discs. Although neglected until now, Weingartner’s pioneering American records are invaluable for their repertoire. As he knew Tchaikovsky, this, his only extant interpretation of the composer, is of historic importance. Weingartner’s rhythmic projection and balance keeps all parts audible and in proportion, the emblem of his style. Fried’s Eroica is the symphony’s first complete recording, a striking example of his modern approach to a familiar work.
While the lives and ideas of Strauss and Weingartner exist in their own writings and biographies, Oskar Fried has been poorly documented: a forthcoming Arbiter project dedicated to Fried will relate, as much as possible, the tale of his most unusual existence. We commence with a partial chronology of his concerts, as their breadth and individuality is cause for amazement ­ few today would dare perform Beethoven’s 9th with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring in one evening, especially at a time when Stravinsky’s work was fourteen years old and still provocative, as did Fried in Paris (1927), the site of its premiere.
Fried first captivated Berlin in 1904 as a composer: performances of his Drunken Song (for chorus and orchestra, text by Nietzsche) were led by Schalk and Muck, and his sudden emergence as a conductor in the following year established him as a major interpreter sought by all the contemporary composers of the time. Fried peregrinated throughout Europe and on two occasions in the Americas, up until his final years in Russia, where the nature of his death in 1941 is still viewed as suspect.
The following programs are but a sketch of Fried’s activities. Dates given in italics are approximate: we welcome any clarifications or information on additional performances and biographical material.
Mar 20: Fried’s Debut: Liszt: St. Elisabeth Oratorio. (Sternsche Gesangverein, Berlin, with Emmy Destinn, Hertha Demlow, Käthe Ravoth, Charrier, Else Schünemann, Emmy Rintelen, Johannes Messchaert; Walter Fischer – organ.)
Nov. 8: Reger: Cantata “O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden”; Liszt: Two Songs (Destinn); Mahler: Second Symphony. (Berlin Phil.: composer in attendance, with Martha Stapelfeldt, Margarethe Brieger-Palm, Eugen Brieger, Otto Briesemeister.)
Dec. 20: Schubert: Symphony no. 8; Bach: Violin Concerto in E (Willy Burmester); Fried: Verklärte Nacht (premiere, Ottilie Metzger-Froitzheim); Mahler: Gesänge für Tenor und Orchester (premiere, Ludwig Hess); Strauss: Tod und Verklärung. (Berlin Phil.) Hess had sung in the Beethoven 9th Symphony under Mahler.

Feb. 5: Delius: Appalachia; Fried: Das trunk’ne Lied (Bischoff, Hermine Kittel, Paul Knüpfer, Ernst Heine, Berlin Phil.) Busoni and Delius present. Delius writes: “[Busoni] came into the Greenroom and embraced me bursting into tears.”
Mar. 19: Beethoven: Leonore Overture no. 3; Symphony no. 5; Piano Concerto no. 4 (Artur Schnabel) (Berlin Phil.)
Apr. 21: Beethoven: Coriolan Overture, Piano Concerto no. 3 (Artur Schnabel), Symphony no. 9 (Jeanette Grumbacher-de Jong, Therese Behr-Schnabel, Paul Reimers, Arthur H. van Eweyck; Berlin Phil.)
May 13, 14: Offenbach: Orpheus in the Underworld (Durieux, Engels, Moissi; Klemperer directed the chorus; Reinhardt production at Deutsches Theater, Berlin.)
Oct 8: Mahler: Symphony no. 6 (Berlin Phil., premiere: composer present.)
Nov. 5: Haydn: The Seasons (Berlin Phil., Sternsche Gesangverein, Emma Bellwidt, Felix Senius, Johannes Messchaert)
n.d.: Beethoven: Symphony no. 5; Brahms, Wagner, Strauss: Tod und Verklärung (St. Petersburg)
Nov. 10: Weber: Euryanthe Overture; Mahler: Symphony no. 2 (Ottilie Metzger-Froitzheim); Lieder; Fried: Verklärte Nacht (St. Petersburg: Orch. of Count Sheremetiev, Opera Chorus)
n.d.: concerts in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa.

Feb. 4: Liszt: Graner Festmesse; Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Phil., Tilly Cahnbley-Hinken, Else Schünemann, Ludwig Hess, Johannes Messchaert.)
Apr. 8: Wagner: Meistersinger Prelude; Nicodé: Die stillste Stunde (from Gloria); Brahms: Alto Rhapsody (Lula Mysz-Gmeiner); Beethoven: Choral Fantasy (Conrad Ansorge); Wolf: Lieder (Mysz-Gmeiner); Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel (Berlin Phil.)
Oct. 11: Nicodé: Gloria (world premiere) (Else Schünemann, Walter Fischer – organ, Sternsche Gesangverein)
Nov. 4: Mendelssohn: Lobgesang; Walpurgisnacht; Violin Concerto (Willy Burmeister) (Berlin Phil.)

Jan. 4: Klingler: Violin Concerto (Klingler, world premiere, from manuscript); Beethoven: Liedkreis An die ferne Geliebte; Symphony no. 9 (Emilie Herzog, Hertha Demlow, Felix Senius, Johannes Messchaert, Berlin: Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde.)
Mar. 16: Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique, Lelio (premiere) (Berlin Phil.)
Apr. 1: Borodin: Symphony no. 2; Delius: Piano Concerto (Theodor Szanto); Busoni: Turandot Suite; Strauss: Don Juan (Berlin Phil.)
n.d.: Wagner: Meistersinger Prelude; Brahms: Symphony no. 1. Beethoven: Piano Concerto no. 5 (Waldemar Lütschg); Strauss: Don Juan (Blüthner Orchestra, Berlin)
n.d.: Schubert: Rosamunde Overture; Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Blüthner Orch.)
n.d.: Svendsen; Sibelius; Liszt: Mazeppa; J. Strauss: Blue Danube (Blüthner Orch.)
Nov. 23: Berlioz: Damnation of Faust (Berlin: Sternsche Gesangverein, Marcella Pregi, Else Schünemann, Ludwig Hess, Johannes Messchaert, Friedrich Plaschke.)
n.d.: Mendelssohn: St. Paul Oratorio (Berlin: Sternsche Gesangverein)

Jan. 18: Scriabin: Third Symphony (premiere, composer in attendance); Mozart: Aria from Il Re Pastore (Frieda Hempel, Anton Witek – violin, Alfred Simon – piano); Wagner: Meistersinger Prelude (Berlin: Gesellschaft.)
Feb. 11: Schumann: Piano Concerto (Cornelia Rider-Possart); Schillings: Kassandra, Ballade (premiere, Ernst von Possart, declamation); Rubinstein: Piano Concerto no. 4 (Cornelia Rider-Possart) (Berlin Phil.)
Feb. 22: Wladimir Metzl: Symphony in c (world premiere); Volkmar Andreae: Symphonic Fantasy op. 7 (world premiere); von Hausseger: Totenmarsch (world premiere); Fried: Erntelied (world premiere) (Berlin: Sternsche Gesang. & Gesellschaft.)
Mar. 22: Haydn: Symph. no. 44 (Berlin premiere); Beethoven: Symph. no. 9 (Berlin: Gesellschaft: Frieda Hempel, Else Schünemann, Felix Senius, Gerard Zalsmann)
Nov.: Klose: Prelude and Double Fugue; Anton Rubinstein: Fantasie in C, op. 84 (Josef Lhevinne); Beethoven: Symphony no. 7 (Berlin)
n.d.: Rachmaninoff: Isle of the Dead; Paul Juon: Violin Concerto (premiere, Michael Press); Liszt: Mazeppa (Berlin)
n.d.: Beethoven: Leonore Overture no.3; Brahms: Symphony no.4; Mozart: Piano Concerto no. 20, K. 466 in D minor (Artur Schnabel) (Berlin)

Jan. 2 & 3: Verdi: Requiem. (Berlin: Sternsche Gesangverein: Tilly Cahnbley-Hinken, Else Schünemann, Hans Rüdiger, J. von Raatz-Brockmann.)
Jan. 17: Haydn: Symphony no. 7; Mahler: Symphony no. 7: IV; Ansorge: Aussöhnung; lieder of Berlioz, Duparc, Liszt (Marie-Louise Debogis) (Berlin)
Apr. 4: Brahms: Song of Destiny; Beethoven: Symphony no.9 (Berlin: Gesellschaft: Emilie Herzog, Else Schünemann, Leonor Engelhard, J. von Raatz-Brockmann.)
n.d.: Fried: Prelude & Double Fugue op. 10; Bantock: The Pierrot of the Minute; Smetana: Moldau; Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no. 3 (Berlin) Scherchen attends.
May: Richard Wintzer: Marienkind; Liszt: Piano Concerto no. 1 (Gottfried Galston); Strauss: Aus Italie (Berlin)
n.d.: Brahms: Symphony no. 1; Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Beethoven: Symph. no. 9 (St. Petersburg)
n.d.: Wagner: Faust Overture; Scriabin: Symphony no. 3 (St. Petersburg)
n.d.: Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Moscow)
n.d.: Mozart-Koussevitzky: Concerto for Bass (Serge Koussevitzky); Scriabin: Symphony no. 3 (Moscow: composer in audience, who received “great ovation.”)
Nov.: Brahms: Symphony no. 4; Charpentier: Impressions d’Italie (Blüthner Orch.)
Oct. 31: Glück: Iphigenia Overture; Bach-Respighi: Sonata in e for violin (Serato); Schönberg: Pelleas und Melisande (Blüthner Orch.: Scherchen in audience.)
“Only six years later under Oskar Fried’s direction it became a great success and since that time it did not cause the anger of audiences.” ­ Schönberg.
Nov. 17: Kiev
Dec. 11?: Beethoven: Piano Concerto (Wüllner) (St. Petersburg)
Dec. 15: Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique (Kiev)

Jan.: Haydn: Symphony no. 7; Berlioz: Harold in Italy (Oskar Nedbal); Stenhammar: Piano Concerto no. 2 (composer at the piano.) (Berlin)
Jan 23 or 24: Mozart: Figaro Overture; Busoni: Turandot Suite; Pfitzner: Rose vom Liebesgarten, Act I (premiere: Helena Forti, Elisabeth Ohlhoff, Maria Serte van Eyken, Johannes Sembach, Willy Merkel, Reimar Poppe); Mahler: Symphony no. 7 (Berlin)
Feb. 23: Mahler: Symphony no. 7; Charpentier: Louise: Air (Marie-Louise Debogis); Mozart: Figaro Overture (Berlin: Blüthner Orch.)
n.d.: St. Petersburg
May : Paul August von Klenau: Symphony no. 3; Mozart: Concerto for Two Pianos (Rosina and Josef Lhevinne); Berlioz: Roman Carnaval Overture (Berlin)
Sep. 25: Beethoven: Funeral March; Mahler: Symphony no. 2. Mahler Memorial concert. (Berlin: Gesellschaft: Frieda Hempel, Hertha Demlow, Johannes Messchaert.)
Oct. 26: Busoni: Turandot Suite (world premiere of appendix “Verzweiflung und Ergebung.”) (Bösendorfer Orch., Deutsches Theater, Berlin)
Nov. 27: Schumann: Manfred Overture; Bach: Cantata: Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen, BWV 56; Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin: Gesellschaft, Andrejewa von Skilondz, Olga del la Bruyère, Rudolf Berger, Johannes Messchaert.)

Jan. 19: Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica for orchestra and organ (orch. by Frederick Stock: Egon Petri, organ); Berceuse elegiaque; Piano Concerto (composer at the piano.) (Berlin: Schönberg and Webern in audience.)
n.d.: Mahler, Fried, Pfitzner: Lieder (Eva Lessman; pianists: Fried & Klemperer). (Berlin)
Mar: 29 Berlioz: Roman Carnaval Overture; Delius: Paris; Fried: Three Orchestral Songs (Eva Lessmann); Liszt: Mazeppa (Berlin: Gesellschaft.)
Oct.: Beethoven: Consecration of the House Overture; Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no. 3; Mahler: Symphony no. 1 (Berlin)
Oct. 18: Bruckner: Symphony no. 7; Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Berlin premiere.) (Berlin Phil.; Charles Cahier, Paul Seidler)
Nov. 15: Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain (German premiere); Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio: Contance’s aria (Gertrude Foerstel); Delius: Lebentanz (world premiere of revision); Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (Berlin)
Dec. 18: von Reznicek: Schlemihl (conducted by composer); Schumann: Cello Concerto (Pablo Casals); Liszt: Faust Symphony (Felix Senius) (Berlin Phil.)

Jan.3: Busoni: Brautwahl Suite (world premiere, from manuscript); Liszt: Piano Concerto no. 1 (Wilhelm Backhaus); Fried: Auswanderer (from ms.) (Berlin Phil.)
Jan.18: Busoni: Turandot; Saint-Saëns; Rimsky-Korsakov (St. James Theatre, London)
Feb. 4: Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Maria Freund); Symphony no. 9 (German premiere. Berlin Phil. Webern in audience.)
Mar. 27: Beethoven: Cantata Meeresstille und glückliche fahrt; Piano Concerto no. 4 (Sandra Droucker-Galston); Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Philh., Bruno Kittel Choir; Eva Lessmann, Maria Freund, C. L. Lauenstein, Arthur H. van Eweyk)
May 3: Weber: Euryanthe; Delius: Lebentanz; Berlioz: Fantastique (Milan La Scala.)
May 4: Berlioz: Fantastique; Busoni: Turandot; Liszt: Mazeppa (Milan La Scala.)
June 22: Schönberg: Lied der Waldtaube (Marya Freund, Paris: Fried substituted for Alfredo Casella).
Sep. 28: Saint-Saëns: Symphony in a (conducted by composer); Africa Fantasy & Wedding Cake (Saint-Saëns, piano); Two Songs (Clare Dux, Saint-Saëns); Violin Concerto in b (Henri Marteau); Les Barbares Overture (Berlin Phil.)

Jan. 5: Wolf: Christnacht; Bruckner: Psalm 150; Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Phil. Kittel conducted Wolf & Bruckner; Rita Bergas, Gerturd Steinweg, Anna Reichner-Feiten, Hermann Gürtler, Sydney Biden.)
n.d.: Helsinki.
n.d.: Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel (Riga)
Mar. 17 Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique; Bruckner: Symphony no. 7; Busoni: Indian Fantasy (Ferruccio Busoni) (Munich) Rilke present.
Oct: Beethoven: Egmont Lieder (Claire Dux); Triple Concerto (Freie Orch., Berlin)
n.d.: Beethoven: Leonore Overture no. 3, Two Romances for Violin & Orch. (Lambinon); Liszt: Les Preludes, Hungarian Rhapsody no. 14 (Blüthner Orch., Berlin)

Feb. 7: Beethoven: Consecration of the House Overture; Symphony no. 5; Piano Concerto no. 5 (Artur Schnabel) (Berlin Phil.)

Jan. 16 Sibelius: Symphony no. 4; Busoni: Indian Fantasy (Egon Petri); Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel (Berlin Phil.)
Oct. 28: Wagner: Meistersinger Overture, Tannhäuser: Wolframs Ansprache; Strauss: Don Juan; Wagner: Am stillen Herd; Götterdämmerung: Funeral March, Kaisermarch. (Berlin Phil., Ernst Kraus, Waldemar Straegemann.)

May 5 & 6: Liszt: Mazeppa; Fried: Erntelied; Mahler: Symphony no. 2 (Berlin Phil., Elisabeth Schumann, Ottilie Metzger-Lattermann.)
Dec. 26: Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Mozart: Violin Concerto in E flat (Michael Press); Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Phil., Lotte Leonard, Ida Harth zur Nieden, Rudolf Laubenthal, Sydney Biden.)

Jan. 1: Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Mozart: Violin Concerto in E flat (Michael Press); Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Phil., Lotte Leonard, Ida Harth zur Nieden, Rudolf Laubenthal, Sydney Biden.)
Sep. 26: Mahler: Symphony no. 9 (Vienna Symphony Orch.)
“In the evening to Mahler’s Ninth. Bad performance, as Fried exaggerates everything more and more. I stood through it for 4 Crowns, which left me very tired.”
Alban Berg. Arthur Schnitzler in audience.
Oct. 20: Mahler: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin) Hans-Jürgen von der Wense to Eduard Erdmann: “Fried- the only musician today whom I revere – will give the Mahler 9th.”

Mar. 19: Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Charles Canter, Karl Fischer-Niemann, Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
n.d.: Warsaw (Emil Telmanyi, violin.)
Sep. 24: Mahler: Symphony no. 2 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna) Beginning of Mahler cycle in which Fried directed 8 Symphonies and other works.
Sep. 30: Mahler: Symphony no. 3 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 4: Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Marie Gutheil-Schoder), Symphony no. 5 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 7: Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Hermann Weil), Symphony no. 6 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 11: Mahler: Kindertotenlieder (Helge Lindberg), Symphony no. 7 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 15: Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Eleanor Reynolds-Schlosshauer, Richard Schubert, Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 17: Mahler: Symphony no. 2 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 18: Mahler: Symphony no. 9 (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Oct. 21: Ravel: Rapsodie espagnole (played twice, at beginning and end of concert); Daphnis et Chloé 2nd Suite; Shéhérazade & Deux Mélodies hébraïques (Marya Freund) (Vienna Symphony Orch.) Ravel present. Before rehearsals, Fried heard Ravel and Eduard Steuermann play through the Mother Goose Suite and Rapsodie Espagnole on the piano at Alma Mahler’s home.
Nov. 15 & Dec. 18: Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Berlin Phil., Charles Cahier, Richard Schubert)
Dec. 7: Mahler: Das klagende Lied (Konzertverein Orch., Vienna)
Dec. 20: Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé 2nd Suite; (German premiere); Liszt: Piano Concerto no. 1 (Walter Gieseking); Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel (Berlin Phil.)

Jan. 31: Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Lelio (Berlin Phil.) Lelio was staged.
Mar. 7: Haydn: The Seasons (Berlin Phil., Elisabeth Schumann, Helge Lindberg, Paul Kuhn, Staatsoper Chorus.)
n.d. Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (First foreign artist invited to the USSR by Lenin. Workers’ concert at Bolshoi Theater, Moscow.)

n.d.: Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique (Oslo Philharmonic)
Dec.: Mahler: Symphony no. 2 (Vienna)

Jan 1-10 (c.): concert series with Scherchen. works by Mahler, Ravel, Schönberg, Scriabin, Stravinsky, Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (Rome)

Jan.: Berlioz, Strauss, Wagner (St. Petersburg)
n.d.: Beethoven: Symphonies nos. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9; Piano Cto. no. 5 (Seiliger); Coriolan & Leonore Overtures 1 & 3; Violin Concerto (Daniil Karpilowsky) (Moscow)
n.d.: Liszt: Faust Symphony; Mazeppa; Piano Concerto no. 2 (Heinrich Neuhaus). (Moscow)
Feb.: St. Petersburg
Oct.: Beethoven (five concerts): The Nine Symphonies; Piano Concertos nos. 4 & 5; Violin Concerto; Ah Perfidio; arias from Fidelio. (St. Petersburg) Medtner was to be soloist in one of the concertos, but Fried was expelled from Russia earlier.
n.d.: Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe Suites (Riga)
n.d.: Mahler: Symphony no. 8 (Berlin Philharmonic)

Nov.: Stravinsky: Firebird Suite (Berlin Symphony)

Jan. 5, 6, or 7: Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto no. 1 (Vladimir Horowitz: European debut.) (Berlin Symphony)
Jan.: Strauss: Tod und Verklärung, Ein Heldenleben, Alpine Symphony (Leningrad: first local performance of the latter two works.)
Jan. 19: Prokofiev: Love of Three Oranges Suite (Moscow, premiere.)
Feb.: Debussy, Ravel (Berlin)
Mar.: Hermann Götz: Symphony in F (Berlin Symphony)

May 26: Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Nina Koshetz, Lina Falk, Georges Thill, A. Mozjoukine); Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (Paris Opera: Stravinsky is present.)
Oct.: Bruckner: Symphony no. 7; Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe Suites (Milan: in a series shared with Toscanini.)
Sep. 30: Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Wireless [BBC] Orch., London)
Nov. 15: Delius: Appalachia? (London) Delius is present.
Nov. 17: Weber: Euryanthe Overture; Brahms: Piano Concerto no. 2 (Artur Schnabel); Liszt: Faust Symphony (Widdop) (London, Royal Philharmonic)
“The greatest pianistic success of my entire career.” ­ Artur Schnabel.
Nov. 21: Stravinsky: Rite of Spring; Beethoven: Symphony no. 9. (Berlin Phil., Emmy Land, Jenny Sonnenberg, Eugen Transky, Wilhelm Guttmann, Kittel Choir.)
n.d.: Russian tour: Delius?, Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (Moscow)
Dec. 31: Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Phil., Emmy Land, Hertha Demlow, Eugen Transky, Hermann Schey, Kittel Cho.)

Jan.: Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex (Düsseldorf: According to Kurt Weill, it was reported in newpapers that the performance was “cancelled due to internal politics”.)
Mar.: Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (Moscow)
Mar. 16 & 18: Brahms: Symphony no. 1; Stravinsky: Firebird Suite; Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe Suite (New York: New York Symphony).

Feb. 14-20: Lisbon. (Jose Viana da Mota is pianist in an unspecified work.)
Feb 20: concerts in Madrid.
May: Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Paris, one of two concerts)

Jan. 10: Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique (Wireless [BBC] Orch., London).
Apr. 3: Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Hindemith: scene from Cardillac (Dorothy Silk); Holst: Concerto for 2 violins (Adila Fachiri, Jelly D’Aranyi: world premiere); Brahms: Symphony no. 1 (Royal Philharmonic, London).
Apr. 4: Mehul: La Chasse du Jeune Henri Overture; Mahler: Symphony no. 4; Haydn: Harpsichord Cto. in D (Wanda Landowska); Liszt: Mazeppa (BBC S.O. London broadcast) Fried substituted for Beecham. Barbirolli at rehearsal on the 23rd.
June 28: Mozart: Symphony no. 39; Bossi: Interludes; Strauss: Ein Heldenleben (Milan: La Scala)
Oct. 7: Haydn: The Seasons (Berlin Phil., Wolf, Roswänge, Schey, Kittel Cho.)

Mar. 6: Bartók: Rhapsody no. 2 for violin & orchestra (Berlin/German premiere, Maurits van den Berg); Mahler: Symphony no. 9 (Berlin Radio Orchestra)
Mar. 11: Beethoven: Coriolan Overture; Brahms: Concerto no. 2 (Walter Gieseking); Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (BBC SO, London).
Mar. 15: Wagner: Tannhauser Overture; Ireland: Mai Dun; Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 6 (BBC S.O., London)
Mar. 18: Beethoven: Fidelio Overture, Symphonies nos. 4 & 9. (BBC, London)
“Go with Mummy to BBC. Beethoven concert conducted by Oscar Fried. Fidelio, 4th and 9th symphonies. The first two were played beautifully. But Fried seemed to frighten the orchestra in the 9th. He altered scoring right and left. 1st mvt, impressivel, 2nd mov. too fast, the 3rd too slow. Last movement was notable for fine singing of Nat.[ional] Chorus and soloists [Baille, Desmond, Widdop, Falkner]. All considering it was adisappointing performance ­ of the conductor’s. He was raging all the way through the 9th ­ there is no reason why he should blame the whole orch. and chorus for the slips of the 4th horn (Cb scale (3rd movement) & tympani (2nd mov.).”
Benjamin Britten.
June: Bologna: Participant at the Martucci Festival.
Aug: Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (Lodz Philharmonic)

Feb 24: Mozart: Symphony no. 39; Prokofiev: Piano Concerto no. 3 (composer at the piano); Beethoven: Symphony no. 5 (Berlin Phil.) Horszowski at the rehearsal.
Aug: Leningrad

Mar.: Buenos Aires.

Jan. 17: Berlioz: Romeo & Juliette (Jones, Szantho, Farrington, BBC S.O., London.)
n.d.: Opera conductor in Tbilisi. Later settles in Moscow.

Jan. 27: Mahler: Symphony no. 9 (BBC S.O., London)
“[…] listen to what seems a fine performance by BBC orch. under Oscar Fried (tho’ without the suavity & rhythm of the Wien Phil) of Mahler’s wonderful 9th Symphony. I could listen to this for hours. The end is really very moving.”
Benjamin Britten.
n.d.: Russia: Fried reportedly gave 75 concerts throughout the country.

Feb. 1: Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Desmond, Widdop, BBC S.O., London)

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (All Soviet Radio Orch., Moscow)
–Allan Evans ©2004.