Ignaz Friedman photo album & recollections by others

When we published a 4-cd set music and more were only accessible when CD4 was placed inside a computer to reveal interviews, photos and scores.

Masters of Chopin

As technology has altered the accessibility of such files we wish to offer them for those curious to learn and hear more about these artists.

Friedman’s archive contained photos that capture his personality.

On tour in the Dutch East Indes (Java, Indonesia)
in New York, 1930s
Lydia Friedman, the pianist’s daughter, age 17 (1927)
Friedman in Spain
Family in the Dolomites
Villa Friedman, Siusi
Friedman and Leo Slezak
Friedman and unidentified
Artur Rubinstein Count Orlovsky, Friedman
Friedman in color

spoken reminiscences of Friedman:

Paola Hondius, pupil and cousin (New York)


Manfred Clynes, pupil (New York)


Laurence Davis, pupil (Evanston)


Ingebjørd Gresvik, pupil (in traditional costume, Bergen, Norway)



Ingebjørd Gresvik illustrating Friedman’s advice:


Dr. Harry Rich, pupil (Sydney, Australia)


Dr. Miriam Hyde, pianist & composer (Sydney, Australia)


Pnina Salzman, pupil (interviewed in Sydney, Australia)


Mack Jost, pupil (Melbourne, Australia)


Emil Telmanyi, violinist (Holte, Denmark)


Patricia Rovik, pupil (Sydney, Australia)



Andres Segovia, guitarist (Geneva, Switzerland, interviewed by Nina Walder, Friedman’s grand-daughter)


Mr. & Mrs. George Kugel, manager (location unknown. Interview by Bruce Hungerford)


Nikita Magaloff, pianist (Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland)

Nikita Magaloff, Swiss pianist


annotated scores:

Balakirev Islamey m.21-36

Liszt Feux Follets

Scriabin Op.9-2a


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